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It's April and snow-free trail running is nearly upon us!  Registration for the 2024 Yukon River Trail Marathon opens on Wednesday, May 1 at 9:00 am PST/YST.

This year will be our 25th running!  We are working hard on a number of ways to help celebrate.  Details to come!

One BIG change for this year is that the race will start and finish at SHIPYARDS PARK.  This change is to accommodate planned construction at Rotary Park.  The course will be slightly longer this year as a result.  Here are the changes to each race:

Marathon - the course will be slightly longer (~43.4 km) and the out-and-back on Leg 2 will be removed. 

Half Marathon (25 km) - will be longer (~24.2 km) but we're calling it 25 km for our 25th year!

Relay - Leg 1 and Leg 4 will both be about be about 1.6 km longer and Leg 2 will be the shortest leg due to the removal of the out-and-back.

Full details are on the Route page. 


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